Guided tour: Valencia, City of the Holy Grail

How the Holy Grail came to Valencia

You won’t believe it, but before ending up in its final resting place in the Valencia Cathedral, the Holy Grail was kept in other places that you’ll be able to visit on this tour.

Departing from the Tourism Office in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento square, you’ll learn about the characters who, without knowing it, made it possible for the Holy Grail to remain in the city of Valencia forever. Kings, parish priests, soldiers, ordinary citizens… they all did their part in making Valencia a holy city. We’ll tell you all about it.

From the Da Vinci Code to the Templars

The Holy Grail has inspired cinema, music, art and literature. Conspiracies surrounding the Knights Templar, magical powers and even dictators seeking the eternal life… But what’s real in all this? We’ll answer your questions and you’ll see how several Valencian artists have portrayed the cup from the Last Supper on some of their canvases, putting their own Valencian stamp on it. We’ll tell you how.

Aula Grial, a visitor centre for the relic

You’ll learn what material the Holy Grail is made of and why it could never have been made out of wood. You’ll discover what was most likely eaten at the Last Supper, the meaning of the inscription on the relic’s glass, the cup’s details, the literature surrounding the Grail and many other details in the world’s first museum dedicated to the Holy Grail.

The Chapel of the Holy Grail

The visit will end at the Chapel of the Holy Grail in the Valencia Cathedral, where you’ll finally be able to see it in person. You can stay at the Cathedral for longer to visit it on your own, with all the wonders of its “Micalet” bell tower and the Cathedral’s museum.

ItineraryTourist Info City Hall- Iglesia de San Martín (outside visit) – Plaza del Patriarca – Iglesia de San Juan del Hospital (outside visit)- Casa de Sabina Suey (outside visit)- Aula Grial (interior visit) – Catedral (interior visit). 

Visit the Cathedral and the Aula Grial, a visitor centre dedicated to this relic

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  • Location: Tourist Info City Hall

  • Languages: Spanish-English

  • Next date: Saturday at 10.00 h.

  • Minimum age:

  • Persons: Minimum:1 Maximum: 25

  • Duration: 2h(10.00-12.00h)

  • Price: Adult Price final: 20,00 € Children up to 6 years old Price final: 12,00 €
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