“Yo fui a la EGB”, the Expo in Kinepolis

An immersive exhibition with objects and rooms that are already part of our life.
Visitors will experience this exhibition in the first person, taking a trip to the past in which in each room they will find objects, activities, music and even smells, to relive unforgettable moments of those who studied Basic General Education. It is an event of a family and educational nature so that parents can show the little ones how they lived and played when they were children.

A walk through games, fashion, culture and even homes with a faithful recreation of the decoration and lifestyle of those generations who saw the “1, 2, 3”, played marbles in the street, listened Alaska and Dinarama and they hung out with “Who’s who” or “Cinexín”.

For visitors to get into the role, characters of the time will guide them through an interactive tour, visiting spaces such as a kitchen or a living room from the 80s, a class, a television program, etc. Environments in which visitors can experience the exhibition with games, music and even sensations, such as touch and smell.

I went to EGB was born as a Facebook page that showed the nostalgia of those who lived between the 70s and 90s and who attended Basic General Education. Very soon it began to grow with thousands of followers and became a website, a successful collection of books and a presence in other social networks, although on top of this, I went to EGB became a community made up of all those who want to remember and share what life was like in “those wonderful years.” From schools, everyday life, cinema and television to entertainment venues and games of the time.

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  • Location: Kinepolis in Heron City Valencia

  • Languages: Spanish

  • Next date: Every day

  • Minimum age: 0

  • Persons: 1

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Price: From € 11 / person
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