Premium Visit to Church of San Nicolás

San Nicolás, the Valencian Sistine Chapel, is opening the last restored spaces in the church to the public: the vestry, the sacramentary, rooms located in the upper part of the vestry, as well as the terraces that constitute the roofs of the vault, as well as the incomparable Chapter Hall.

This allows access to unprecedented routes that show the historical succession of the construction that has formed this unique building. This exclusive visit to previously unseen areas is offered just one day a week.

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  • Location: C/ Caballeros, 35. (Valencia)

  • Languages: Spanish (Saturday 5pm) / English (Friday 5pm)

  • Next date: Friday or Saturday

  • Minimum age: 0

  • Persons: Minimum 2 / Maximum 15

  • Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

  • Price: 20€
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