Unique museums not to be missed during your visit to Valencia

Valencia is a city where history and the avant-garde merge to perfection, making it an essential destination for art and culture lovers. Your trip should include visits to the city’s most outstanding museums, but we recommend that you make time in your itinerary to visit the most unique museums that will immerse you in the origins and traditions of the city.

Would you like to see them?

Silk Museum

The silk industry occupies an essential chapter in the history of Valencia, the main protagonist of the golden century when the city reached its maximum splendour and prestige. Its exquisite legacy can still be visited today. Did you know that it was the beginning of the making of the beautiful fallera costumes?

All these secrets, interesting facts and a great variety of fabrics, working tools and documents can be discovered in the impressive Silk Museum. A building in the heart of Valencia that mixes Gothic and Baroque styles.

You can visit this heritage jewel at Calle del Hospital, 7.

Museo Seda

National Museum of Ceramics

The González Martí National Museum of Ceramics, also known as the Palace of the Marquis of Dos Aguas, is one of those architectural treasures that leaves you open-mouthed when you discover it.

Built in the 15th century, it is considered the best example of Baroque in Spain. Its façade is a masterpiece that enchants tourists from all over the world every day and, inside, you can see the largest national collection of ceramics from the 8th century to more contemporary creations, including valuable pieces by the great artist Pablo Picasso. A must on your trip!

This majestic palace can be found at Calle del Poeta Querol, 2.

L’IBER – The Museum of the Tin Soldiers

Very close to the Cathedral of Valencia there is one of those original museums that arouses all your curiosity. That’s right, we’re talking about the L’Iber Museum. Do you know why it is so unique?

Firstly, because it houses the world’s largest collection of tin soldiers and miniatures. More than 95,000 pieces on display in 15 rooms dealing with historical themes such as Tirant lo Blanc, the Battle of Almansa and the Silk Road.

Secondly, the L’Iber Museum can be found in the spectacular Mediterranean Gothic style Palace of the Marquises of Malferit, located in the mythical Calle Caballeros, one of the best preserved buildings of the period!

Surely you know the Fallas of Valencia, a unique festival declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Everyone should experience the Fallas at least once in their lives, but don’t worry, if you still haven’t been able to come to Valencia from 15 to 19 March, we have the perfect plan for you to feel its magnitude: a visit to the Fallas Museum!

The perfect place to learn all about the history of this festival from its origins to the present day. During the tour you can enjoy the best ‘Ninots’ (figures that form the Fallas monument) since 1934.

It is located in Plaza Monteolivete, 4. Get your camera ready because you will want to keep lots of memories.

The Hortensia Herrero Art Centre is one of the latest museums to arrive in Valencia to revolutionise the city’s cultural scene. An artistic jewel located in a magical place, the Valeriola Palace.

We tell you all its secrets in this blog.

Centro de Arte Hortensia Herrero

Other Unique museums

If you are still hungry for more, we also have other unique museums you can visit. The Blasco Ibáñez House-Museum to discover the history of this famous Valencian writer. The Concha Piquer House-Museum which pays tribute to this great singer and actress. The Benlliure House-Museum where one of the most important artists of the 19th century lived. And finally, if you want to learn a little more about our unique traditions and gastronomy, you must visit the Museo de la Semana Santa Marinera and the Museo del Arroz.