The best restaurants to enjoy the Valencian clotxina season

Valencia emanates the essence of the Mediterranean Sea, and in summer more than ever, as the sea boasts tasty treasures that are a luxury for the local gastronomy. Among these delicacies is the Valencian clotxina, the jewel of the molluscs, a bivalve similar to the mussel, but with a superior aroma, flavour, and texture, which is simply unparalleled.

Now you have the opportunity to try them, as we are in the middle of the Valencian clotxina season. The traditional recipe is to steam them and cook them in their own juice, seasoning them with a touch of lemon and pepper, adding garlic and oil to taste. It is a rich, and tasty tapa, as healthy as can be, fully worthy of our Mediterranean diet, and a prime example of authentic local and seasonal products, as you will only find them from May to the end of August.

We have prepared a selection of restaurants where you can be seduced by their imposing flavour… so that you can enjoy a UNIQUE experience.

Try the ‘classic’ recipe in one of the ‘classic’ locations

Visiting El Cabanyal is like entering a small fishing village that, even though is still in Valencia, will make you feel that you have travelled to a different place. It is a jewel of popular modernism located just 5km from the city centre, an area plenty of personality and charm.


If you don’t know the area, set aside a day to visit this neighbourhood – and take the opportunity to enjoy some clotxinas. In Cabanyal you will find unique locations to sample this delicacy, such as Casa Montaña, a temple of high quality local tapas. This cosy restaurant founded in 1836 exudes tradition and knowledge, and is a great choice to enjoy a delicious dish of clotxinas in their most classic version – steamed.

Also in the Barrio del Carmen, at the Bar La Pilareta you can witness over 100 years of tapas traditions. Clotxinas are their specialty, and this location is one of the most emblematic places to taste this revered mollusk, a place where both locals and visitors meet. It is known as ‘the house of clotxinas’ for good reason.

La Pilareta offers a comfortable atmosphere with period decor, originating from the beginning of the 20th century. It is located in the historic city centre of Valencia, the perfect place to relax with friends or family, enjoy tapas, sandwiches, montaditos, and beers.

With a ‘difference’

If you prefer a change from the traditional, we recommend you try this mollusk in its most special and exotic variety. You can do this in some restaurants in the Mercado de Colón such as Ma Khin Café, where they are prepared with an Asian touch, Bar X or Habitual, restaurants by Ricard Camarena that always give the Valencian product a special twist with recipes that extract the vest flavours from everything.

But that’s not all Are you passionate about cooking? There is another very UNIQUE option for you to acquire the freshest Valencian clotxinas and prepare them as you like.

This clotxina season, visit Valencia Central Market. Not only will you get fresh and quality produce, you’ll also marvel at the spectacular architecture of the building. A true masterpiece of early 20th century modernism. Visiting it will be a fascinating experience.

The best plans await you in Valencia, to experience them in an original, exclusive, and unforgettable way… a UNIQUE way.