It’s time to enjoy the sea! All the plans you can’t miss in Valencia

València is forever accompanied by the Mediterranean Sea, making it the perfect destination for those who love adventures, sports and activities on the beach, out at sea or on the seabed.

Now that the good weather has arrived, and to fully enjoy the crystal clear waters and natural beauty of the sea, we bring you a guide with 3 original plans in València that will ensure you have an exclusive, unforgettable and UNIQUE experience.

So, it’s time to pull up anchor and set sail…  It’s time to enjoy the sea in València.


Plan 1. Incredible private sailboat ride… and forget about everything else

One of the best water activities you can experience is sailing the waters of the Mediterranean sea aboard a private sailboat, in the company of family or with a group of friends.

The skipper will take you on a tour of the brightest and most special places on the sea. Experience the charm of the sunset at sea, give yourself the gift of experiencing the best sunsets in the Mediterranean. Revel in the unparalleled experience, raise your glasses to it and forget about everything else.

This sailboat ride departs from the Marina de València. The duration can be anywhere from 4 to 8 hours and takes place every day. Without a doubt, it is one of the best plans in València.


Plan 2. A wonderful day of fishing… an art of the sea

A day of fishing is truly a unique experience, it is also one of the best plans in València. You can experience this wonderful sport departing from the Port of Valencia, together with family or friends. It’s the perfect ocean activity to share with the little ones at home.

Your fishing day begins in the morning, hopping on board a 16-metre sailboat. Always guided by a professional skipper, there you’ll enjoy breakfast and drinks, in addition to being treated to a tasting of ham and wine.

Later, an experienced tour guide will explain the steps involved in artisanal fishing and will tell you all about the technique used to capture fish using bait.

This ocean plan lasts approximately 4 hours, which will not only serve to experience the art of fishing by boat, but you will also be overtaken by the paradisiacal beauty of the coasts of València.


Plan 3. Diving baptism… the exclusivity of the underwater world

If sailing the waters of the Mediterranean seems unexciting to you, then dive into its depths and experience the exclusivity of the underwater world. Yes, book a diving baptism to experience an adventure like no other. It’s one of the best plans in València.

In the diving baptism, a theoretical class will teach you all the diving basics and everything related to safety, after which you will perform exercises to get yourself used to the equipment and the water.

Next, you’ll begin your descent and you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful, colourful and luminous submerged landscapes and an ecosystem full of life. You can even visit a sunken ship and swim alongside hundreds of fish. Always with the guidance of an expert instructor.


Any of these three original plans in València will offer you extraordinary experiences and unforgettable memories. Which one will you choose?

We’ll be waiting for you in València to try out the UNIQUE experience of your choosing, where you’ll be captivated by the light and warmth of the Mediterranean Sea.