The best things to do with children in Valencia

Finding the perfect place to travel to with children while making it exciting for them is no mean feat.

In this post, we give you some tips on why Valencia is the perfect destination for a family getaway. 

The city not only has something for young and old alike, its climate makes it comfortable for everyone. 

At Unique Valencia, we are aware of just how important it is for the little ones to enjoy exploring new places, so we suggest the most comprehensive and fun plans for the entire family. 

City tour for all ages

When travelling with children, awakening their interest in culture and history can be quite challenging.So, we’ve come up with a unique way of getting to know the city of light that will arouse their interest. As part of a tour that takes just 5 hours, you will get the opportunity to discover the historic quarter and visit the interior of the Lonja de los Mercaderes and the Central Market, the latter of which is of particular interest to children, as its stalls selling fresh produce are brimming with colour and buzzing with activity, something that they will fall in love with. They will head over to the City of Arts and Sciences, popular with visitors from all walks of life, and continue to get to know each of the city’s magical corners. 

Furthermore, although Valencia is characterised by being accessible and easy to walk around, this tour has a driver for the longer stretches, another advantage that will go down well with the little ones.

For the little sailors. 

If what you want is to discover Valencia, and for the children to enjoy themselves the whole time, then the sea is a must. A trip around the Mediterranean aboard a private sailing boat is just what you need. A captain will sail you around while ensuring that you enjoy the renowned Valencian waters, making you feel like a real sailor. You can sail the seas on your half-day tour or make the most of the boat until sunset to take in the famous Valencian light on the full-day tour. Any adventure can become unforgettable for the little ones, and there is no place like the Mediterranean sea. 

Green, I love you green.

If the sea has left you wanting to delve a little deeper into Mediterranean nature, Valencia has characteristic green areas, in the city itself and on the outskirts. From the Turia Gardens, which run through Valencia from one side to the other that offers activities that are sure to go down well with the whole family, through the Botanical Gardens of the University of Valencia, to more remote, yet beautiful, places such as l’Albufera. Outdoor areas surrounded by trees; the perfect destination for a family day out. While the little ones make the most of their freedom, adults can enjoy a green and nature-filled experience without having to go far away from the city. 

At Unique, we know that exploring new places is an adventure that the entire family can go on. That’s why we believe that Valencia is the perfect place to enjoy and learn, where age is just a number. If you would like to continue sharing activities and leisure activities with the little ones, be sure to discover all the experiences.