Gourmet shops route in València

If you like to travel guided by your palate, here is a route to enjoy succulent proposals that you will not be able to resist.

To follow this route, you must be prepared to discover new flavours and delight your senses with the aromas of authenticity and tradition that characterize the gourmet shops you will visit. Be careful, because you might come home with excess baggage! But don’t worry, many of them have an online store and you can receive at home what you taste and like.


Mantequería Vicente Ferrero

A mantequería (literally: “butter store”) is a type of traditional Spanish shop where people used to go to buy the basic perishable products: eggs, milk, butter, etc. Some of these shops, like Vicente Ferrero’s, have adapted by including sausages and wines in their offer. Take your time to try a little bit of everything. We recommend starting the route with an aperitif in this butter shop on Sorní Street. You can taste their products both inside the store and outsider on its terrace. It´s up to you!

Original CV

A little over ten minutes´ walk, right in front of the Mercado Central, you will arrive at one of the 3 Original CV stores. We especially recommend you visiting particularly this, because the shop was one of Valèncias oldest pharmacies and has carefully preserved its walls and ceilings carved in wood. Here you will find a wide selection of products with the Valencian Community designation of origin, some more traditional, such as oils and jams, and others of recent appearance, such as Malferida, a soft drink made in Aielo de Malferit, the town in Alicante where, according to legend, the original recipe for Coca-Cola originated.

Trufas Martínez

We arrive now at the most appetizing part of this route of good eating. This mythical place on Ruzafa Street has been blessed with the passing of time, since it was founded in 1931 and has not stopped making its own chocolate sweets. The place has not grown in size over the years and maintains its historical essence, making selecting that tasty souvenir for your loved ones a personalized and unhurried experience. The star product of the house, besides the chocolaste truffles, are the cubanitos, a delicious cylindrical shaped wafer filled with praline and bathed in pure chocolate.

Utopick Chocolate Makers

If the previous stop means a return to the more traditional side of sweetness in València, in Utopick we take a leap into the future of chocolate. More than a shop of cocoa elaborations, it is a boutique for those who are looking for new flavour experiences. These “chocolate makers” make “bean to bar” chocolate, an artisan product made by themselves from the cocoa bean. In addition to creating bold and delicious flavour combinations, their products are truly seductive to the eye, since even the designs that wrap their chocolate tablets are cared for in detail. If you have reached the final stop on your route without deciding what to give away to those waiting for you at home, this place has all what you need. One of their most representative creations of the “terreta” (our Valencian Region), are the Peim! bombs, small chocolate bombs filled with cazalla, a typical Valencian liquor. This explosion in your mouth will be the perfect ending to the most delicious route of your holidays.