Jewellery shops that you can only find in the capital of the Turia River

The Valencian artisan tradition deserves recognition and along these lines you will discover the reason. We propose a route through singular jewellery shops that you can only find in Valencia. These are elegant and magical spaces in the capital’s outstanding streets that often hide fascinating stories.

Vicente Gracia

La Paz, 4

We start the tour in the street of La Paz de València where you can find the workshop and store of Vicente Gracia, one of the exponents of the jewelry at national and international level. Trained at Massana, the School of Art and Design in Barcelona, he had a free and creative artistic education with teachers such as Joan Miró and Antoni Tapies. “El Reóforo”, the jeweller’s avant-garde collection, won the National Design Award in 1986.

The jewelry store building was built in 1898 and is one of the few examples of neo-mozarabic architecture in Valencia, inspired by the Alhambra Palace! Vicente Gracia has made this space into a magical place, with incense essences, coloured tiles and fine woods where exhibitions are held and jewellery is sold. For this artisan, jewellery is seen through our culture and history and his passion is to create unique, personalised pieces.

Let yourself be carried away by the incredible atmosphere of Vicente Gracia’s jewellery shop, observe the infinite details of his jewellery and enjoy talking to the artisan. Occasions like this should not be missed.

Sie7e Jewells Gallery

Hernán Cortés, 28

Jewels that are works of art. Of family origin, Sie7e was born as a tribute by Guillermo Martorell to his wife, who found 7 a special number. For the family, 7 reflects the way and philosophy of building this project, from the ideas and creativity when designing the pieces to the creation with handcrafted techniques. His jewels are exciting because they contain a unique essence.

Sie7e has a long tradition of handcrafted jewelry creation and that supports them. Do not miss their work with diamonds and precious stones. Pure fantasy.

Another of the highlights of this jewelry store is the store itself. The shop is located in the centre of Valencia, specifically in the emblematic Calle de Hernán Cortés. The interior design projects the style of the firm: elegance, luxury and exclusivity.

Barack by Zelma

Poeta Querol, 12

There are jewels that make us feel unique and are possible thanks to the talent in design and craftsmanship, with high quality raw materials. In this sense they are experts at Barack by Zelma, a Valencian firm of silver, gold-plated silver and semi-precious gems. Don’t dream of their jewellery as something impossible because Barack by Zelma is a brand of affordable luxury jewellery. Visit their store in the beautiful Poeta Querol street and let their employees advise you. The attention is personalized and they include a free after-sales service.

In the jewellery shop they have a wide collection of convertible jewellery that offers the possibility for the customer to design their own jewellery and be exclusive. Doesn’t that sound really good?

Rafael Torres

La Paz, 5

The jeweler Rafael Torres is a reference point in the high jewelry and watchmaking industry in Valencia. His trade runs in his family, as he is the fourth generation of a project that began in 1896. Trained abroad, his approach changed everything when he decided to buy the diamonds directly from the Antwerp Stock Exchange, thus controlling the entire process. This makes him the reference for the quality of his diamonds.

120 years later, jewellery has not stopped improving as a result of hard work, effort and passion. The space is worth visiting as it combines the avant-garde aesthetics of 1950s New York with wooden elements from the 19th century. In this way they see their history and show themselves to the public.

If you are passionate about diamonds, this is your place.

This is our proposal for a jewelry route in Valencia to get to know the magnificent work of its artisans and discover the charm of the areas where they are located. Which one are you going to start with?